Artwork Sounds - The Gospel According to Artwork Sounds Chapter III Album


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  1. Artwork Sounds & Mzizi – Ka Ho Sa Feleng (feat. Poizen)
  2. Artwork Sounds & Kelvin Momo – Isomiso (feat. Zain SA)
  3. Artwork Sounds & Shazmicsoul – It Ain’t Over (feat. King DeeToy)
  4. Artwork Sounds – We Fall Down
  5. Artwork Sounds & Poizen – Can’t Give Up Now (feat. EarfulSoul)
  6. Artwork Sounds, Kabza De Small & Beebar – You Raise Me Up
  7. Artwork Sounds & Spumante – Greatful Heart (feat. EX & Zain SA)
  8. Artwork Sounds & Poizen – Storm Is Over Now
  9. Artwork Sounds – No Greater Love Than This (feat. Soulfreakah & Tazzy)
  10. Artwork Sounds & Cnethemba – The Holy Trinity (feat. Mpumi Dlamini)
  11. Artwork Sounds, Beebar & Mthunzi – Izwi (feat. Darque)
  12. Artwork Sounds & Morda Bongz – Vana Venyu (feat. Mr Brown & SGVO)
  13. Artwork Sounds & Khaya Mthethwa – Gamelihle (feat. Knowley D & Sponge 101)
  14. Artwork Sounds, JNR SA & ZIDDO – Zulu Lam (feat. Cnethemba & Cybermusiq)




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