Djeff – Enlightened Path Álbum


Download and listen now this 2020 music mp3 of  Djeff – Enlightened Path Álbum. Leave comments and opinions below.

  1. Difficult (feat. Josh Milan)
  2. Last Goodbye (feat. Shakira Aly)
  3. 4 Ever (feat. Dji Tafinha)
  4. Let You Go (feat. Betty Gray)
  5. Made to Love You (feat. Brenden Praise)
  6. Beija Flor (Djeff 2020 Mix) (feat. Projecto Kaya)
  7. Enlightened Path
  8. Magic Forest (feat Izha)
  9. Mercedes (feat Homeboyz & Kyaku Kyadaff)
  10. Orumilá (feat. Nadia Pimentel)
  11. Achkadawi (feat. Rita)
  12. Fortitude
  13. Eu Dou Tudo (feat. Pimenta)

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