Caiiro – Caiiro Album


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1. Caiiro – Promise (Ghol) ft. Deena G

2. Caiiro – Hlala ft. Pixie L & Xolani Guitars

3. Caiiro – Ndisize ft. Ami Faku

4. Caiiro – Impilo Yam ft. Simmy

5. Caiiro – Same Dream ft. Biishop

6. Caiiro & Fanzo – Freedom ft. DEIDRE

7. Caiiro – Son of Mar

8. Caiiro – Hold On ft. Jordan Arts

9. Caiiro – Stars ft. Kali Mija

10. Caiiro – Ufo

11. Caiiro & Shimza – Nyali

12. Caiiro – iKoro

13. Caiiro – Batumi

14. Caiiro – Door of No Return