DJ Kazu, De Mthuda & Djy Zan’Ten – Manca

DJ Kazu, De Mthuda & Djy Zan’Ten – Manca mp3 download 2023 baixar mp3 musicas letras 

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"Manca" is a song by South African DJs Kazu, De Mthuda, and Djy Zan’Ten. The song is a fusion of traditional South African Amapiano music and contemporary electronic dance music. The track features a groovy beat and catchy melody, making it a popular choice for dancing and parties. The lyrics of the song are sung in the Xhosa language and celebrate the joys of life and love. DJ Kazu, De Mthuda, and Djy Zan’Ten are well-known figures in the South African music scene, and "Manca" is just one of the many hit tracks they have produced. They are known for their innovative approach to Amapiano music, incorporating elements of traditional South African music with modern electronic beats and sounds to create a unique sound that has earned them a large following of fans.



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