Maleek Trace - Ohole

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Maleek Trace, a musician from Ongwediva. was born in Windhoek I was raised In both Namibia, Windhoek and Angola Luanda Windhoek.

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Is a dedication to a lover and  having this great affection for her, the song is also dedicated to those in love  therefore value and appreciate deep, true love.

Furthermore,  in the hustle and bustle of life, the love I have for this girl gives me strength to stand still in this fast paced life. alot of people dont understand the strength of love because they are too shallow and surface-level to see it.

Overall the song takes a different ‘spin’ on love. Seems like it's a statement that the quality of the love you experience directly relates to whatever state your life is and your capacity to love. Also that higher classes might not love as deeply because they value things like money, power, materials, and have too many distractions away from generally getting to know and love another person.

Halla back to Lilox Production for putting in effort towards the production of this song.

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