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Eli Jr (On March 15, Eli Jr started a deal negotiation with Sony Music Entertainment through the then Continental Director Of Africa UK Taponeswa Mavunga who together with Christine Mosha decided to send Eli Jr to Developing Stage), born Elias Zeferino Manhiça Junior (also known as Cassula Jr and Senior) on May 05 2001, is an Executive Recording Artist and also a Business Manager , Composer, Singer and Writer from Mozambique, Africa. 

Eli Jr was born in Maputo City and raised in Lichinga City (Niassa Province) and started his career as musical artist in 2010.  

 In 2011, a year later, Eli Jr participated in a local Hip Hop Competition where won the 3rd place and after that worked in many different musical groups creating a popularity locally (in Lichinga City). 

In 2015 Eli Jr produced and uploaded his first music video on YouTube named Minha City and started working on videos that were early played on Afro Music and  Gloom Channel what helped Eli Jr gaining a national and International recognition. 

In 2018 Eli Jr started making music in English and according to him “I just had to make a decision about who I am here to be and what I am here to be”  with the vision to become an International Artist. 

In 2019, Eli Jr uploaded his now popular music named Mi Casa Su Casa on YouTube as music video and distributing as independent  to television and major music stores giving the song popularity and exposure. 

In 2020, Eli Jr attracted the attention of Media Kiings Inc. CEO Anthony (A.D) Selders signing a joint Venture Contract with Platinum City Music Group (PCMG), an American Production house of over 11 different record labels covering all major genres of music. 

 International Baby “https://musicdiffusion.lnk.to/eBOGAR94”, now with more than 250.000 streams worldwide, is the result of the Joint Venture  between Eli Jr and PCMG. 

The project, released on March 19 2021, is composed by 8 songs and features guest appearances by GS On The Beat, DJ Neuso and Elpatron75yn. 

To be in direct contact with Eli Jr is easier than ever through: 

Linked In: Eli Jr (General Inquires) -  https://www.linkedin.com/in/elijrreal  

Instagram: @elijrsme (Music Business) - https://www.instagram.com/elijrsme  

Webpage: (Updates) - https://raisingniassa.wixsite.com/elijr  




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